Sunday 1 August 2010

White-tailed plover at Rainham - 7 July 2010

Had a call from David Campbell at work about a white-tailed plover which had just arrived at Rainham. I couldn't leave work then but I was able to leave early to go home and get my gear. I got to Rainham about 6.30 pm and the plover was on the opposite side of the reserve. The group was visible and those nice folks at the RSPB had agreed to keep the reserve open late. I hurried over to the other side and the plover was showing well but on the far side of the lake. Nevertheless, it waded and preened and flew up and down. Next day it was gone! These shots were taken in fading light.

Here it is with a common sandpiper.

White-tailed plover with common sandpiper.

Here is one of it in flight showing the plumage and the pure white tail:

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