Monday 16 January 2012

Seeds produce a good harvest.

David and I went again to Hampshire this week for the Spanish sparrow. We left early and arrived just before dawn. The bird was in someone's garden. It seemed too early on a Sunday morning to expect them to let people in so we went first to the dark-eyed junko a few miles away. I put some seed down on a tree stump a few metres away. Eventually, the junco landed nearby and climbed onto it to feed. Good views were had by all!
Dark-eyed junco. An American bird
After that we went to see the Spanish sparrow (which I had seen in Israel). As luck would have it, the house-owners were both birdwatchers. We took our shoes off and joined those already inside. I was able to sit by the patio doors and soon the Spanish sparrow appeared. It seemed happy among the British sparrows and had, apparently, bred with the locals. Remember that these pictures were taken through double glazing.
Spanish sparrow (male) taken through double glazing.
After that we went to Blashford lakes for the ferruginous duck and then to Wyke Regis, Weymouth for Hume's leaf warbler. We dipped both again so the less said about that the better. In compensation, it was nice to see redpoll, siskin and goldfinch all on the same feeder at Blashford, and about 400 Mediterranean gulls and a young kestrel at Wyke Regis.
Song thrush
Siskins (male)
Kestrel - (male)
Thanks, David, for your company.