Friday 22 June 2012

Sutton Peregrines 2012. Learning to fly.

The Sutton peregrines raised 4 chicks last year and 5 chicks this year. That must be almost a record!

Sadly, it's becoming doubtful whether all 5 have survived. Recently, only 3 chicks have been seen at the same time. On Thursday I went down for a couple of hours in the evening to keep watch. At least one of the young ones was flying regularly. The mum and dad flew to the nearby building and called to the chicks to join them. The mum was quite active in encouraging them. At one point she tempted them by hovering over them with the remains of what looked like a pigeon. In fact, it wasn't a very appetising morsel; just a scrap of flesh with a pair of wings attached! No wonder they weren't interested!

Mum was very demonstrative in teaching the one who was flying. She showed him the way and he struggled to keep up, flying with legs all over the place!

Here are a few photos.

Mum landing on the corner of Quadrant House
Wait for meeee!
Mum (or this could be dad) with ungainly chick following.
Mum takes chick into a dizzying dive!

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