Friday 9 December 2011

The Gambia. Birds P - S

This is:
PART 3 Birds P - S for rollers, snake-eagles, starlings, sunbirds, etc.

Other parts:
PART 1  Birds A - E   for  Bee-eaters, cuckoos, eagles, egrets, etc.

PART 2  Birds F - O   for falcons, gulls, herons, kingfishers, etc.

PART 4  Birds T - Z    for terns, warblers, vultures, etc. 

Paradise-flycatcher - red-bellied
Parakeet - rose-ringed. Yes, this is the one we have in SE England.
Parrot - Senegal. Senegal again.
Partridge - stone. Amazing duets of calls when they got going.
Pelican - great white
Pelican - pink-backed
Pigeon - speckled. A lovely bird even if it is only a pigeon.
Plantain-eater - Western grey
Plover - black-headed. Frequented arid fields nowhere near water.
Plover - Egyptian.  An iconic bird
Plover - wattled, right, with a Senegal thick-knee.
Pratincole - collared. Huge flocks of these. At least 5,000.
Prinia - red-flanked (red-winged warbler)
Puffback - Northern
Robin-chat - white-crowned. Secretive and in dense undergrowth.
Roller - Abyssinian. One of four species of roller.
Roller - blue-breasted. Common and beautiful.
Roller - broad-billed
Roller - rufous-crowned. Offering a gift of an insect.
Sandpiper - wood.

Seedeater - white-rumped

Shikra. A small raptor like a sparrowhawk.
Shikra, perched - juvenile.
Shrike - woodchat
Shrike - yellow-billed
Snake-Eagle - banded
Snake-Eagle - Beaudouin's
Snake-Eagle - brown
Sparrow - Northern grey-headed
Sparrow-weaver - chestnut-crowned
Starling - bronze-tailed glossy. Note red eye.
Starling - long-tailed glossy
Starling - purple glossy
Stilt - black-winged. Juvenile.
Stork - marabou. I'm sure his mum loves him!
Stork - woolly-necked

Sunbird - beautiful. Male. Well named.
Sunbird - beautiful. Female.

Sunbird - beautiful. Female on nest.
Sunbird - copper
Sunbird - mouse-brown, with green spider.
Sunbird - pygmy
Sunbird - splendid
Sunbird - variable
Swallow - mosque
Swallow - pied-winged
Swallow - red-chested
Swallow - red-rumped
Swallow - wire-tailed. No wires as this is a juvenile or non-breeding
Swift - little
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PART 4 Birds T - Z for terns, warblers, vultures, etc.

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