Friday 9 December 2011

The Gambia. Birds F - O.

Here is:

PART 2 Birds F - O for falcons, gulls, herons, kingfishers, etc.

Other parts:

PART 1 Birds A - E for Bee-eaters, cuckoos, eagles, egrets, etc.

PART 3 Birds P - S for rollers, snake-eagles, starlings, sunbirds, etc.

PART 4 Birds T - Z for terns, warblers, vultures, etc.

Falcon - lanner. Fairly common.
Firefinch - red-billed. Male. Quite common. Female is also pretty.
Firefinch - red-billed. Female. What a handsome pair of birds!
Fish-eagle - African.
Flycatcher - Northern black. Quite a large flycatcher.
Gonolek - common. What an amazing voice this bird had. Quite electric.
Goshawk - dark chanting - juvenile.
Greenbul - little. Very elusive. Lives in the forest canopy.
Green-pigeon - African. Here with a blue-breasted roller.
Green-pigeon - Bruce's. Who was Bruce then?
Greenshank - common. I know its common here too but I like them!
Gull - grey-headed. The Gambian equivalent of our black-headed.
Gull - Kelp. A very large gull. Same size as greater black-backed.
Gull - slender-billed
Gull - yellow-legged. Quite a rarity in the Gambia.
Hamerkop. In a class of it's own - literally!
Harrier-hawk - African. A majestic bird.
Helmetshrike - white. Doesn't this look like achild's toy?
Heron - black-headed
Heron - goliath. Certainly lives up to its name. 1.50 m tall. wingspan 180-210 cm
Heron - purple
Heron - striated
Hornbill - African grey
Hornbill - African pied
Hornbill - red-billed
Ibis - hadada
Indigobird - village. Juvenile. Adult is very dark with a pink bill.
Jacana - African
Kestrel - grey. A handsome raptor.
Kingfisher - African pygmy. Doesn't fish. Lives on insects.
Kingfisher - blue-breasted. Just couldn't get a picture showing its blue breast!
Kingfisher - giant. The largest in the world.
Kingfisher - grey-headed. Not common.
Kingfisher - malachite. Nearest kingfisher to our own native species
Kingfisher - pied. Abundant, noisy, argumentative.
Kingfisher - striped. Another generally non-fishing species.
Kingfisher - woodland. Also doesn't generally fish.
Kite - black. Our own type. Note black tip to yellow bill.
Kite - yellow-billed. Note all yellow bill.
Lark - crested
Mannikin - bronze. Female above. They looked lovely on these millet plants.
Night-heron - black-crowned
Nightjar - standard-winged. Female so no streamers.
Stayed put while light was shined on it.
Oriole - African golden. Male.
Osprey which had a large fish.
Owl - Northern white-faced. Look at those eyes!!
Owlet - pearl-spotted. Caused havoc when it flew into a tree.
All the local birds united to try and get it!
Oxpecker - yellow-billed. On a cow's nose.
They eat tics and other unwanted parasites.
The next part is:
PART 3 Birds P - S for rollers, snake-eagles, starlings, sunbirds, etc.

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