Saturday 18 June 2011

Flying lessons begin for Sutton peregrines

Now, you'd think that learning to fly from the top of Quadrant House, about 19 stories high, would be achievement enough! However, for these peregrine chicks there were lessons in soaring and diving. They will need these skills to hunt food for themselves when the parents have kicked them out! . . I mean...persuaded their offspring to seek accommodation elsewhere!

First, the male, Dad, called to the chicks while he was soaring in the modest breeze we had this morning. One of the chicks followed him up. and there was some mock hunting and diving. It was quite spectacular!

Here I am, Dad. Show me, show me!! (Male is top left, juvenile below)
OK, son. Follow me into this dive!
Here we go! Wheeeee!! (Dad is lower left, chick follows)

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