Friday 8 June 2012

Istanbul weekend May 2012

We spent a long weekend in Istanbul over 3-7 May. I decided to travel light and took only my Canon compact zoom camera (SX30). A big mistake! The city was live and bustling. Mosques all over the place. Hotel was good, food too. We visited the Blue Mosque, the Bazaar, the Spice market, the undergroud cistern, Topkapi Palace, went on a round city bus tour, had a meal in a restaurant where the floor show included whirling dirvishes and a belly dancer, did a cruise on the Bosphorus, had coffee in various cafes and generally chilled out.

The birds were not terribly evident in the city. There were grey herons nesting in the trees of the local park, all the doves were laughing, all the gulls were yellow-legged, all the crows were hooded and all the parakeets were Alexandrian. The trip on the Bosphorus was interesting for the large flocks of Yelkuan shearwater that made their way up towards the Black Sea. The photos were mainly taken with my daughter, Louise's, Canon 1000D with a small 15x zoom lens as my Canon SX30 turned out to be almost useless for any sort of action shot as the screen blanks out for about a second after every shot before coming back on. Following any sort of action was impossible. Should have taken my 7D!

Lynne, me and Louise on the terrace of the Topkapi Palace.
Louise outside the Blue Mosque
Yelkuan shearwaters heading up the Bosphorus
Alexandrian parakeet
Laughing dove

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