Thursday 12 June 2014

Peregrine youngster makes it back!

After the heart-stopping events of a few days ago, I am pleased to report that the young peregrine who spent two nights on narrow ledges of the 20-storey building that is Quadrant House, finally made it back to the top. early on Tuesday morning he took advantage of a moderate breeze to help himself gain height.

He flew round the building and crossed to South Point but failed to reach the top. He clung just below the top for 15 seconds before abandoning the attempt and flying back to QH. A little later he flew up to the ventilation level, one floor below the top. His dad caught a jackdaw (we believe) and flew with it in front of the no. 4 chick, tempting him to make that last effort to gain the roof level once more. Phew!

On Tuesday night I dropped in on my way home from work and was overjoyed to see all four chicks and both adults visible at the same time on the top.

Barring any repeats, it looks as though all four will fledge and survive.

The local guardian has run an article this week. Here is a link:

I will report any further notable episodes here in due course.

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