Monday 6 May 2013

Common birds at Warnham in the sun. Lovely!

As the bank holiday was to be sunny, Lynne and I went to Warham Local Nature Reserve for a walk and so Lynne could try out her new camera. We did the circuit of the lake, the woods, the reedbed and we spent a good deal of time at the Woodpecker hide where the staff had obviously put out a feast of birdseed for the holiday! This attracted not only the common garden type birds but also one or two others.

Around the lake we saw herons at the nest with young high in a tree (quite far for photos), coots, mallard, pheasant and a mute swan that was chasing everything that moved!

Heron with 2 young
Heron takes flight

Don't cross this mute swan!

Coot clapping wings.
Mallard not quite sleeping.

Pheasant cock
All the common birds came to the feeding station. Was it bad of me to hope that the sparrowhawk would come down and take one of the chaffinches? It didn't happen.

Blackbird with juicy grub

Chaffinch - female behind



Great spotted woodpecker

Great tit


Long-tailed tit

Magpie on the prowl.
Wood pigeon. Don't you just love them!
 There were also a few characters who do not normally go to feeding stations, such as:

Reed bunting - female.

Reed bunting - male
 The most surprising bird to appear was a Mandarin duck drake in a tree! Later he too came down to feed.
Mandarin duck - male

Mandarin duck - male

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  1. Warnham is now my local as I have moved from Surrey (do miss Painshill/Bushy/Richmond though)

    The bird feeders are always well stocked and it's great for photography that there is food on the ground as well. Reed Buntings visit regularly and in the winter we had many Siskins and Redpolls - probably the best season for quantity and variety of birds.

    Never seen a Mandarin in a tree at Warnham although I did witness this at WWT Arundel.

    Glad you both enjoyed your visit..... :)


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