Monday 15 August 2011

Subalpine warbler always 'sub' the bush!

David Campbell asked if I wanted to go for the subalpine warbler of Holland Haven Country Park in Essex.
He needed it for his British list although I had seen the, perhaps even more elusive, bird on Scilly last autumn. I've largely given up twitching this year. As a result, David has overtaken my British total and is now well ahead! I confess I have missed some of the trips.

Anyway, we decided to risk going even though yesterday it had disappeared by about 11.00.

It was showing quite often at the car park but it wasn't exactly an exhibitionist!! The odd glimpse for a few seconds as it flitted through the dense bushes was the most you got. If it did stay for a minute or two it was half hidden in the foliage. Very difficult for photography. These are the best I could get.

Subalpine warbler - male.

Subalpine warbler - male.
Yesterday David and I watched the antics of a juvenile and adult hobbies in Banstead Woods.

Juvenile hobby
Hobby - probably male as he sat there all the time doing nothing!!

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