Monday 2 May 2011

Radipole / Lodmoor dowitcher and more

On my way to Plymouth I called in to Lodmoor to see the long staying long-billed dowitcher. It was a little more colourful in summer plumage:

Long-billed dowitcher, an American wader

Also present were some bar-tailed godwits in breeding plumage:

Bar-tailed godwit. The worm was taken and washed before being eaten

Bar-tailed godwit. You can see the barring on the tail.
some whitethroats:

Common whitethroat.
some sedge warblers:

Sedge warbler
a magpie which tried out the post used by kingfishers:

and a kingfisher, shown here leaving the nest:

Kingfisher leaving the nest
and here on the usual post:

Makes me want to go back in a couple of weeks when the young are out!

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