Sunday 5 December 2010

Common Crane near home, Beddington

This morning I had a call from David Campbell to say that there was a crane on the lake at Beddington. I got my stuff together and made my way over. In half an hour I was watching a gorgeous juvenile crane. It was at the other end of the lake but it was a year tick and close to home. Thanks, David.
Common crane. The grey herons were curious!!


  1. What a lucky find...and so close to home. I used to cycle to Beddington sewage farm every Saturday when I was at school and remember it as a vast wilderness of a place full of birdlife...but that was in about doubt it has changesd a bit now!

  2. Hi Phil,
    Just found your excellent site, some excellent pics too!! Will add you to my visited blogs, feel free too look at my blog too,


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