Tuesday 23 February 2010

Dusky warbler at Walthamstow - 20 Feb 2010

I'd seen the dusky warbler at Walthamstow once already, in the rain and poor light of dusk (sorry) but I decided to go back on Saturday 20 Feb when the sun was shining. Almost immediately I was able to get relatively close views from across the canal. Fired off lots of photos of the bird which was very mobile indeed and seemed to be flycatching. Happy that I'd got some good shots in the bag I went in search of the white-fronted geese at Ingrebourne Valley, late afternoon.

Only then did I realise that I'd taken all the dusky photos at 3200 ISO!! Aaaaggghhh!! That'll teach me to check the settings before using the camera. Anyway, here are a couple of what I suppose will have to be record shots now!!

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