Saturday 16 January 2010

Bittern shows well at Barnes WWT

15 January 2010

The bittern finally showed well at Barnes for me. I saw nothing from the Dulverton hide where it had been seen recently so I made my way up to the Wildside. My approach was greeted with the appreciative 'ooohhs' of those already inside who were onto the bird. It was on the other side of the lake but the nearest I had ever seen one. The lake was still frozen so the poor bird was reduced to stalking the edge of the ice shelf and fishing in the negligible strip of water at the edge of the reeds. He didn't go hungry. I was told he'd already caught four fish and he caught another three in the hour or so that I watched him. Here's the sequence:

Hmmm. Stretch up high. Then stoop down low....!

Ha! Gottcha!

Mmm. Fish for lunch.

Gulp!! AAhh!


  1. Lovely sequence! Much better than we managed.


  2. Excellent shot Phil.... only managed distant sightings so far. And none to be seen at all yesterday when I was there.


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