Saturday 5 December 2009

Brown shrike. Much better pictures.

David Campbell and I went to Staines Moor again to see the brown shrike (after failing miserably to see the Black-throated diver on Papercourt Gravel Pits). The path was incredibly muddy after the thousands of birdwatchers who must have trodden it in the last two months.

We saw the bird immediately on arrival after checking with the handful of others who were there. After a while it came nearer and actually came over the river to our side. It was about 100m away. Someone suggested approaching it as a chap who had just left passed close to it and it didn't fly. We got closer and closer until I was about 25m from it and was able to take some close shots before an off-road motor cyclist came thundering through.

We watched it for another half an hour and then headed back to the car as it started to rain lightly. Here is the star bird which has stayed in the same area for almost two months!

Brown shrike, Staines Moor.


  1. That's got to be the best shot of the shrike I've seen so far, Phil. Superb.

  2. Nice birding with you as always, Phil and a brilliant shot of the Shrike you got!

  3. Hi Phil
    Thats a lovely photo of what I regard as "my Shrike" - Staines Moor is a local patch for me (and several others!)I have some record shots of the bird and every time I attempt to take my photographer friend(a learning birder)to see the Shrike - the weather is not conducive to good photos - and as we have to either negotiate that path- bog really now or climb over the fence the weather has to be good when we can go!
    I would like to post your photo on my blog when I next write about the Shrike - duely acknowledged if you are happy for me to do so.

  4. Dear 'Eagleseagles', I've only just seen your comment. Thanks for your kind remarks. Please use the photo on your blog. I'd be happy for you to use it and acknowledge me.
    Best wishes, Phil.

  5. Just popped back to see if permission granted - many thanks.

  6. Hi Phil,
    I owe you an apology i have used one of your pictures of the brown shrike on my blog by mistake i had asked devil birder if i could use his pictures of the shrike and he very kindly had said yes,however i used one of yours as well by mistake , i would really like to keep it on my blog as it is such
    a good picture and of course i will credit it to you , however i fully understand if you would rather me
    remove it and once again i am sorry for any inconvience this may have caused .
    Just like to wish you a merry christmas and good birding for 2010.

    kind regards

  7. Hi Robbie,

    No problem. It's fine to use my shrike photo on your blog. I really don't mind. It's very polite that you asked. It would be nice if you credited me by putting my name next to the photo. Thank you also for your kind comments.

    Your blog looks very promising and I wish you well with it. You've chosen a very absorbing hobby.

    Happy New Year and best wishes, Phil.


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