Sunday 26 April 2009

In the garden this weekend.Result of mystery face enigma.

I was only in the garden late on Sunday afternoon because I had been on a walking weekend on the South Downs. Got back too late to go out again so I set up my camera in the garden to see what would come the the feeders, etc. It was quiet, but this jay did drop by to get some peanuts I had left on the ground. Hopefully I can see more next weekend.

Jay in garden.

Red-breasted goose photo published.
My photo of the red-breasted goose at West Wittering was chosen for publication in Birding World magazine (Vol 22, Number 3). I'm chuffed to bits that my photo was chosen, as there were many other good photos of that bird on the net. Anyway, here is the blog entry where the chosen photo first appeared:

Finally, the mystery face from last week was, as Billy correctly said,............. a mute swan. Here's the full photo:

Mute swan, Oare Marshes

Well done, Billy.


  1. Hehe! Do I get a prize or anything... only joking, brilliant Jay shot by the way and looking forward to seeing you on the bird race.


  2. Hi Phil
    Good to meet up with you again on the way to the Pratincole!..Looking forward to seeing the pics!

    Have enjoyed your blog and will follow with interest.

    Congratulations on your published Red Breasted Goose...


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