Saturday 21 March 2009

Lesser Spotted Wodpecker - Nonsuch Park

I finally saw these elusive birds today for the first time in my life. David Campbell had told me roughly where they were. I wandered round the mature wood listening intently for their calls. I met two others with the same intention. They had seen one fly in but had then lost it. After scanning the tops of some very tall trees for 10 mins I saw one fly briefly from one branch to another.

Lesser spotted woodpeckers are really quite small and unobtrusive. It's no wonder their nickname is 'never spotted woodpeckers'!! I saw male and female birds but my shot of the male is out of focus. Here is the female working quietly under a branch.
Lesser spotted Woodpecker, Nonsuch Park


  1. That's a great spot (no pun intended) and great picture too Phil.

    I'm even greener now as a lesser spotted would have been a lifer for me too.

    I used to go to Nonsuch a great deal when I lived in Sutton then Banstead.

    Now I HAVE to go again! It's still local to me.

  2. Thanks for posting this as I too went over to the Park and saw the pair!

    Great stuff!

  3. The green digging up the garden and now the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.... both would be lifers for me. Well spotted:-)

  4. That's a great shot.
    Well done.


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