Sunday 5 April 2020

Flaming Firecrest

Spring is such a wonderful time. All the birds are singing. I'm so lucky I can still hear them all at my age! On our daily exercise walk today on Banstead Downs (NB less than a mile from home) saw a gorgeous Firecrest like I've never seen Firecrest before.

Firecrest. I've often seen them like this. The crown stripe is attractive.
Firecrest. When they turn their head, the crown stripe is very obvious.
Firecrest. Sometimes you get a 'mohican' flash.
Rarely do you get a 'brain surgery' display like this. Now I know why they're called Firecrest.

Firecrests are almost Britain's smallest bird. They weigh a mere 5-7 grams and are about 9cm long. Constantly moving, they are often difficult to see as they flit restlessly from branch to branch. 

The last of the blossom makes a lovely background for this Goldfinch.


And Britain's smallest bird? - Not the Wren. It's the Goldcrest, which is slightly smaller than, and a cousin of, the Firecrest.


  1. Firecrests are such fast moving subjects to well done for these beautiful pictures. Ah Banstead Downs.. place of my youth.. haven't been there for many years!

  2. So very beautiful, Phil! Spring has not yet arrived here in Northern New Jersey, USA. A mere sprinkling of forsythia is all I can see so this does my heart good.

    1. thanks, Maria. How nice to hear from you too. I'm sure Spring won't be too long coming to you.

  3. Fabulous photos Phil. I’ll have to walk that way!

  4. Thanks Debbie. It's a lovely walk, and even nearer for you.

  5. Bellissimo Phil, grazie per questo anticipo di primavera!

  6. Dear Phil,
    warum reisen so weit, wenn das Glück ist so nah.
    Thanks to corona no need for Long travel to Look for birds.

    regards Wolfgang


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