Tuesday 3 April 2012

Cute little owls and more Short-eared owl photos

After some tantalising views of 2 little owls at Cobham I had to return when the light was better. I braved the rush hour traffic and arrived at about 0800. The sun was shining and the light was perfect. Would the owls be there? Well, yes, they were. Shortly after I arrived they both appeared in their hole in the branch and looked out at me. Cute!!
Little owls. How sweet!
I also went in search of better shots of the short-eared owls at Papercourt Marshes. Again, the light was very good, there was no wind. Conditions for photography were perfect. We had some quite close views, but no picture is perfect and focussing had to be done manually because the owls always fly quite low making it impossible to distinguish them from the background of trees and bushes.
Short-eared owl.
Short-eared owl.

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