Sunday 26 February 2012

An elusive paddy at Pagham Harbour

Today I was persuaded to go to Pagham to see the paddyfield warbler with David and his friend, Alex. We had a good run down after lunch. Well, during lunch really, and I forgot my lunch on the kitchen table so David kindly gave me one of his sarnies. Thanks, David.

Had to wait an hour or so for fairly fleeting glimpses of the said paddyfield warbler, a bird more at home in the far east. Then it showed again, flitting quickly in and out of the reeds. It didn't sit still for a second and it was very hard to get a shot of it. Here is the record picture:
Paddyfield warbler.
 As the sun faded it got very cold and we headed for home. It was a lifer! I just wish it had shown a little bettter though. On the other hand the weather was splendid!

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