Sunday 1 March 2009

Tawny owls in central London!

On Saturday 28 February, went to look for the roosting tawny owls. It's amazing that such birds would live in the centre of London. After some additional instruction as to the location, found one adult and three chicks roosting high up. Busy though the park was, the owls high up slept unnoticed, their camouflage making them almost invisible even to someone who knew they were there.

Tawny owl, central London.

Then went to Millets to buy some new walking boots. My old ones are years old and losing their tread. On the way, saw a Mediterranean gull and a very strange gull, completely white but acting like a black headed gull. It must be a partial albino black headed gull. I wonder how it develops in breeding plumage.
Albino Black headed gull.

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