Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Elusive red-rumped swallows. I hate 'em!

Two trips to Arlington Reservoir in East Sussex trying to see the red-rumped swallows led to nothing. The first time on Monday  I arrived too late in the day. The second time I got there at 0700 when the mist was down and it took an hour or so for the sun to burn it off. There was no red-rumped swallow but there were some ordinary (barn) swallows. This one was skimming the surface.


Some linnets also came by. This one was wary. I manged a single shot before it was off like a shot!


There was compensation for not seeing the red-rumped swallows in the form of a very obliging Temmincks stint. I followed it for a while. It was remarkably tame and did not scare easily. Lovely bird.

Temminck's stint

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  1. wow you got wonderful views of that! Wish I went for that Temminck's now.


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