Monday 5 April 2010

Springtime at Painshill

Last week I went with Tricia to Painshill Park hoping to see a kingfisher. Spring was in the air with most birds dancing and making eyes at their partners or prospective partners. We didn't see a kingfisher where Tricia had seen them before but we did see two mute swans mating. The poor female was pushed right under until the male chivalrously pulled her head above water with his bill!!

Hold still dear, this won't take a minute!!

We also saw two nuthatches inspecting a very tasty and promising hole in a tree with a 'to let' sign outside. It looked as though they were going to take it.

Nuthatch.  Let's see how much room there is in here.

The terrapin was out enjoying the odd sunny interval as we were.

I love the sunlight. Terrapin.

After most of a circuit we repaired to the tea room for lunch and to warm up. The rain had mainly kept off during the morning. after lunch we went back to the river where a tree creeper flashed silently to a nearby tree on the far bank. Then Tricia saw the tuquoise flash of a kinfisher and we watched it disappear round the bend of the river. Well, at least we saw it. Thanks, Tricia for showing me round.

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